Is It Mandatory to Hire a Lawyer?
In our law, the obligation to represent with a lawyer is not regulated and everyone has the right to represent himself in the courts. However, as in all areas, legal matters require special expertise and can cause loss of rights and irreparable damages, so you need legal assistance from a lawyer.

How Do I Issue Power of Attorney?
With our general proxy example, you just need to go to any notary office with your birth certificate or passport and indicate that you will issue a power of attorney.

Special power of attorney is required to follow up some works, and the example of a special power of attorney containing special powers is given to you according to the nature of the work. Power of attorney for divorce, alimony, recognition and destaination cases must include special authority and photographs.

In the power of attorney to be issued on behalf of the companies, signature circular and authorization document must be submitted. In cases where you will give power of attorney for your company, if you give power of attorney as ‘Acting for your company as a nobility for yourself’, you will have given power of attorney for both you and your company and you will not have to issue power of attorney again if necessary. Taxpayers are required to provide tax numbers of natural and legal persons.

How to Issue a Power of Attorney From Abroad?
In foreign countries, notary works are seen by consuls. Our clients who will issue power of attorney abroad are required to apply in person to the Turkish Consulate of the relevant country and issue power of attorney through the consulate in accordance with our proxy information.

In a foreign country, it is not possible to accept these power of attorneys in Turkey unless the power of attorney issued or approved directly by the competent authority of that country is approved by the Turkish consul or political officers in that foreign country.

In a foreign country, the power of attorney issued directly by the competent authority of that country must be approved by the Turkish Consulate and political officers in that foreign country. The classification in question is called ‘Apostille Convention’.

How to Determine the Attorney’s Fee?
The attorney’s fee is determined by the lawyer’s contract between the lawyer and the client. The attorney’s fee is the equivalent of the work, labor and overtime followed, and the costs of the proceedings are not covered by the attorney’s fee.