Commercial Law

As Bilgin Law Firm, we provide legal support for the protection of the rights of the parties within the framework of the regulations in the field of receivables – debt relations, commercial papers, corporate law, maritime trade law, and insurance law within the framework of the legislation regulating the commercial activities of traders and companies.

The responsibility of compensation in cases contrary to the prohibition of unfair competition, the legal and criminal responsibilities of the general assembly and the board of directors, the bankruptcy of the companies, the problems in commercial law related to bankruptcy deferral requests, and the monitoring and resolution of issues in the field of commercial law are carried out by our experts.

In this context; some of the services we provide are as follows.

  • Consultancy Service in the Field of Corporate Law
  • Company Establishment, Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Termination and Liquidation of the Company
  • Rights and Liabilities of Company Partners
  • Lawsuits for The Prevention, Cessation and Compensation of Unfair Competition
  • Maritime Trade Law Issues And Resolution
  • Insurance Law Cases