Compensation Law

Compensation is the equivalent of financial and moral responsibility in terms of reim funding for the damages caused by an unjust act of negligence or recklessness, whether intentionally or unknowingly. In order to remedy the damages suffered by the courts, it may be decided to pay non-pecuniary damages and pecuniary damages to cover the decreases in assets due to unlawful action. Compensation is paid by the responsible for the injured for the purpose of rectification of the damages. Compensation claims can be applied to the courts or the parties can be brought together to resolve the damages and resolve them through peace by mediation. Our office monitors compensation claims arising due to the pecuniary and un-pecuniary loss of individuals.

Some of our major services in this context are listed below.

  • Liability and Restitution arising from Tort
  • Liability and Action for Damages  Arising From Traffic Law
  • Deprivation of Compensation
  • Lawsuits for Damages Due to Work Accident
  • Compensation of Hospital Expenses
  • Liability of More Than One Person and The Impact of Criminal Case on Compensation Case,
  • Insurance Prosecutions
  • Lawsuit For Damages For Assault on Personal Rights
  • Contracts for Compensation Debt