Contract Law

As Bilgin Law Firm, it is aimed to inform the client about the compliance of the contracts to be made by real and legal persons, especially in commercial life, how to make and enforce a legally perfect contract, and what the obligations and risks arising from the contract.

Some of our major services in this context are listed below.

  • Conditions for The Establishment of the Contract
  • Electronic  Contract and Its Binding
  • Freedom and Boundaries of Contract
  • Procedural and Shape Requirements in Contracts
  • Changes After Contracting
  • Adaptation of Contracts
  • Criminal Condition in Contracts
  • Legal Consequences and Nullity of Contracts
  • Transfer of Contract and Participation in the Contract
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Force Majeure
  • Situations of Impossibility of Performance Evidence Agreements
  • Irresponsibility Agreements
  • Franchise Agreement