Labor Law

As Bilgin Law Firm, in all kinds of matters related to labor law; it provides legal advice on the regulation of relations between the employee and the employer, the preparation of service contracts, the creation of procedures for hiring and dismissal, providing legal support in performance evaluation and human resources management, and resolving disputes between the employee and the employer.

In order to prepare employment contracts and prohibition of competition and to resolve disputes between the employee and the employer, the representation of the clients through lawsuits and complaints is provided in the areas of reinstatement, incomplete or never paid workers’ receivables, employee compensation and, the monitoring of social security contributions.

Some of the services we provide in this context are stated below.

  • Filing and pursuing lawsuits for the purpose of overworking with severance and payment in lieu of notice, fees related to work carried out on general holidays and public and religious holidays, and the collection of annual leave fees.
  • Opening and pursuing reinstatement cases.
  • Opening and pursuing service detection cases.
  • Determination of weekly working time and calculation of overtime wages.
  • Preparation of personal files of workers, determination, and elimination of deficiencies.
  • Use and calculation of overtime pay and annual paid leave.
  • Consultancy on health and safety issues to be considered.
  • Creation of specific-ambiguous, partial-full-term contracts, and other contracts in accordance with current legislation.
  • Follow-up of cases involving injury, death, and incapacity of employees.
  • Strict liability of the employer in terms of employee and third parties.
  • Termination of the employment contract due to poor performance, economic reasons, and similar justifiable reasons.
  • Calculation of the rights and receivables of the workers whose employment contract will be terminated by the employer and their receivables will be paid.
  • Providing training services for employers to carry out work in accordance with current legislation.