Real Estate Law

Bilgin Law Firm, in all kinds of real estate law related issues requiring expertise along with a wide field and technical knowledge; it provides services in the pursuit of disputes that occur in the savings transactions related to the real estate of individuals, the real estate property and the resolution of disputes arising from this property through litigation.

In addition to real estate lawsuits, we provide legal advice in real estate affairs such as the preparation of contracts within the scope of real estate law, information on zoning legislation, follow-up of deed transactions, and rights transfers.

Some of the services we provide in this context are stated below.

  • Opening and tracking of annulment of title deed and registration cases
  • Opening and tracking of deeds correction cases
  • Opening and pursuing lawsuits arising from real estate.
  • Opening and pursuing anaction for mesne profits 
  • The ban on intervention is the opening and follow-up of cases.
  • Opening and pursuing cases related to the establishment of servitudes 
  • Opening and tracking assizes 
  • Opening and pursuing the partition action 
  • Opening and pursuing pledge over immovable action (hypothech)
  • Opening and pursuing expropriation and confiscation without expropriation action 
  • Opening and tracking action rent fee determination action 
  • Opening and tracking eviction actions 
  • Follow-up of cases arising from mortgage disputes.
  • Opening and pursuing acquisition, repurchase, and pre-purchase (preemption) cases.
  • Legal advice regarding disputes arising from condominium law.
  • Preparation of construction agreement of flat for land real estate presale agreement 
  • Contracts for contracting, procurement, subcontracting, and similar construction services.