Unfair Competition Law

As Bilgin Law Firm, we provide consultancy services against the use of economic competition in violation of good faith rules, the prevention of all kinds of harmful actions due to deceptive behavior or misuse of competition, and the guidance to take the necessary measures, unlawful disclosure of production and business secrets, and the measures that can be applied in cases of unfair competition such as non-compliance with business conditions.  It is aimed to inform the clients about the measures that can be taken, apply to the judicial authorities and prevent unfair competition against clients, and identify, prevent and compensate damages through judicial bodies in case of unfair competition.

Some of our major services in this context are listed below.

  • Unfair Competition Situations
  • Evidence Determination Requests in Disputes Related to Unfair Competition
  • Receiving preliminary injunction  in Cases of Unfair Competition
  • Unfair Competition Detection Case
  • Cases for termination and prevention of unfair competition
  • Reinstatement Case aimed at Eliminating the Consequences of Unfair Competition
  • Lawsuits For Pecuniary  and Non-pecuniary  Damages in Case of Unfair Competition
  • Disputes Related to Unfair Competition
  • Conventions Containing Non-competition  and Criminal Conditions