Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

As Bilgin Law Firm, it is ensured that the rights of clients are protected in the fields of collection of checks, promissory notes, bonds, invoices, and receivables, enforcement law cases, appeals, foreclosure, pawning, foreclosure notices, bankruptcy. Some of the services we provide in this context are stated below.

  • Preparation and follow-up of all kinds of enforcement such as checks, promissory notes, bonds, invoices, currents.
  • Attachement proceedings 
  • Opening and pursuing criminal cases related to bad checks.
  • Bankruptcy law proceedings.
  • Preparation and follow-up of bankruptcy deferral cases.
  • Preparation and follow-up of negative clearance and restitution cases.
  • Trusteeship misconduct case
  • Making objections to debt and follow-up.
  • Preparation and follow-up of cases for the revocation of the objection. Collection of unpaid rental fees arising from the lease agreement and preparation and follow-up of eviction procedures.
  • Filing lawsuits and collecting transactions to cancel unfair objections to unsent pursuits.